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November 2016

From the Desk of Jon Gasperini

DataBind at Graph Expo 2016

It’s been over a month since Graph Expo ended…

and we can finally begin to catch our breath. For those who were able to make the trip to Florida you noticed an expanding DataBind in Orlando.

At this year’s expo we were very proud to introduce the addition of two new lines to our exclusive offerings. Both confirming our commitment to our customers needs by providing only the best European manufacturers. We welcomed Stago from Germany, and CreaseStream from the UK. As well as having their machines in the booth, we were joined by Michael Kreutle of Stago and Graham Harris and Lee White of CreaseStream – all three experts in their field and really great guys.

Stago ESM-20 Round Cornering Machine

CreaseStream at Graph Expo 2017

We also introduced North America to the new, highly anticipated, Renz AP 300 Compact. It’s a quiet, versatile and easy to use automatic punch that’s perfect for in-plant and digital printers. Since Drupa, the AP 300 Compact has been enjoying a huge following in Europe and we’re excited to see a strong demand here in such a short time! All who came and saw the demo in our booth were impressed that such a green button machine could be so robust.

Laminating was also a focal point in our booth where we demonstrated three profit centers from a single laminator: laminating, foiling, and spot UV effect. Many customers were excited about the potential to have the option to run three processes in one machine, and the fact that it makes variable data foiling easy and inexpensive.

Vivid at Graph Expo 2016

Foiling With a Vivid Pnematic Matrix

As for the Graph Expo exhibitor, there is a ton of work before, during, and after the show. And in Florida it was HOT work. That’s why we took an evening and visited the Icebar! A bar completely made of ice where they even served drinks in glasses made of ice! Let’s just say at 18˚ F – it cooled us off very quickly.

Friends in Icebar at Graph Expo 2016

Thanks to all of our friends who came by to visit us and to new friends who we met! And please feel free to remind me about the Icebar in two months when I am complaining about the cold weather up here in the north!

CreaseStream Logo

It’s Official!

Flat Bar Creasing vs Rotary Creasing
The tired old way of desktop creasing with a straight bar creaser has gone the way of the VCR! The slow process of flat bar creasing and the general poor quality results on digital printing, demanded a better way.

CreaseStream has the solution!

Using the “patented rotary creasing technology” developed by Technifold, the engineers at CreaseStream designed a simple system using Technifold’s proven technology to give the market a much faster (up to 6x and more) desktop creaser with the highest quality results. There is no cracking on even the most sensitive digital stock.

CreaseStream Creaser

It’s a very simple concept really. Imagine chopping a piece of wood with an ax (straight bar creaser). Every swing is the bar creaser – creasing a sheet. Now think of a rotary chainsaw (the CreaseStream mini) cutting that same wood.

Which is faster? Which has a cleaner, smoother result?

Compare for yourself!

CreaseStream Mini versus Traditional Handle-Type Creasing Machine

Machine of the Month

Renz Logo

Renz AP300 Compact

Heavy-duty, mobile auto-punching machine for small to medium runs.

Renz AP300 Compact Auto Punching Machine

AP 300 Compact Preview

  • Automatic punching process
  • Two finger paper pick-up system which can handle a range of mixed stock
  • Fast die and format changes
  • Touch screen assisted set-up process
  • Wheels allow the machine to be moved
  • QSA (Quick Size Adjustment) for high flexibility of different paper formats
  • High pre-stack capacity up to 4,000 sheets
  • Low noise level (65db A)

What Our Customers Are Saying

Precision Graphics Logo

“Just as I had hoped when I first saw it at Drupa, the Vivid Matrix has indeed provided me with new opportunities in my territory! It was one of the most popular items at our recent Open House.”

Bryan Sachs

Precision Graphics, Inc.
Jackson, WI

Call Us Today at 860.265.8151 or Contact Us.

Jonathan Gasperini
Vice President, North American Sales
DataBind Corporation

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DataBind - Ask the Expert


My laminating film says it has an activation temperature under 200 degrees but I have to run it hotter to bond, am I doing something wrong?
-Mark C. Phoenix, AZ


No, the activation temperature is just the temperature at which the adhesive on the film will activate at. The actual temperature you need to run depends on speed, the amount of coverage, color, and even the print engine your printing with.

The best practice is to have a starting temperature you’re comfortable with and test the bond on the first few sheets by slitting the film and trying to peel off the print. On digital prints you should be lifting off some ink. If the bond is not good you can slow down, increase heat and increase roller pressure.

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