Project Description

STAGO HM-15 Automatic Stapling Machine

Automatic Stapling Machine for flat and saddle stapling.

For the STAGO – Stapling machines functionality, precision and a high ease of use are always in the foreground. Robust mechanics, durability of materials and modern urges are the warranties for a perfectly long-running function.

STAGO- Stapling machines are equipped with electrically secured protection with a visual display (only automatic machines) and a depot display.

The HM 15 is the staple professional among the STAGO staplers. It combines versatility, efficiency, and robustness. Designed for professional continuous use. With a stapling capacity of up to 17 mm with one stapling head, it is the reference for the bench models. Using a few simple hand movements, the support table can be converted between a flat and saddle stapler. Staple front loading and a large staple cartridge allows for efficient operation even for small runs. With the fully automatic stapling force adjustment and the active clenchers, perfect stapling results are a breeze. The ability to process additional staple loops complete our range of bestsellers

STAGO HM-15 Automatic Stapling Machine

Key Features:

  • fast and easy conversion between flat and saddle stapling
  • with one or two stapling heads available
  • ready for paper size up to DIN A3 and stapling height up to 17 mm
  • fully automatic stapling force adjustment and the active clenchers
  • processing of flat and loop staples
  • designed for continuous use, economically even for small pads
  • staple loading from the front

Technical Details:

Number of stapling heads: 1
Flat stapling: 2-170 sheets (17mm, 80g paper)
Saddle stapling: Yes
Table size: up to DIN A3
Staples (sizes): 64/6-20, 36/6-8, 24/6-8, R24/6-8, R26/6
Loads of magazine: 400 / 650 / 650 pcs
Version: Table
Machine dimensions: 400 / 650 / 650 mm
Weight: 47 kg
Power supply: 230V / 50Hz, 115V / 60Hz*
Options: Slinding table, base frame

Overview of STAGO Products

STAGO – accurate, multifunctional, ergonomic

We design and build paper converting machines for bookbinderies, printing offices, copy shops, banks, insurances, lawyer’s offices, notaries, accountants, tax advisers, local authorities, industries…

From practical experience for practical experience – in close cooperation with our users, STAGO designs and builds paper converting machines since 75 years for the use in all areas of constructing information material.

Functionality, precision and a high ease of use are always in the foreground.

A sophisticated and precisely coordinated mechanism, modern gears and electrical equipment in combination with resistant materials are the warranties for a perfect long term function.

Video: STAGO HM 15 – automatic stapling machine