Project Description

42 SE – Professional Line

Semi-automatic spiral forming and inserting machine for metal wire spirals

The semi-automatic spiral binding machine 42 SE binds pre-punched books, blocs, calendars and brochures with tinned or nylon-coated wire. Binding of oversized calendar sheets or different size sheets is also possible provided that the oversized sheets correspond to the unbound side.

The wire is fed from a standing storage (barrel or spool). Special rectifying tools take out any twist and straighten the wire. The wire is guided via guide rollers to the mandreal which forms the diameter of the spiral.

The pre-punched product is place onto the book supports. By starting the machine the spiral is introduced into the perforation. The needed spiral length is adjusted at the electronic wire lenght’s control. The machine stops automatically when the wire reached the required length. The spiral is cut off and both spiral ends are bend inwards. The machine is ready for the next cycle.

A special support is available for incorporating calendar hangers.

The operation cycle is controlled by a foot pedal and knee switch for a comfortable seated position. Both hands are free for feeding and taking off.

The simple operation and short change-over times for other jobs make the machine profitable even for small runs or medium production.



  • the traditional loose-leaf binding
  • opens flat and stays flat
  • 360° rotation
  • metal spirals are available in many colours
  • quality “Made in Germany”


Technical Details:

Working width: max. 42 cm
Book thickness: max. 24 mm
Binding capacity: max. 600 books/h (depending on product, logistics and operator)
Pitch 5 mm: 5 mm, 6 mm and 8 mm
Spirals: only suitable for metal wire spirals
Length cutting:
Machine Length x Width x Height: 2,0 m x 1,50 m with wire barrel
Weight net / gross: 125 kg
Power supply: 200 – 240V / 50/60Hz / 0,37kw
International voltages: all local voltages available on demand


Additional Information: