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March 2016

From the Desk of Jon Gasperini

Even though I’ve been in the industry
a long time…

I’m one of the majority of people who always thought of laminating as just that: laminating, covering paper with a layer of thin plastic film to protect it and mask imperfections in the print. Ok- maybe I knew the difference between single sided, double sided and encapsulation, but that’s about it.

You can imagine my surprise when over the course of the last few months I found out that with the right system you can use a laminator for foiling! Produce spot UV-style effects! and create holographic finishes!

Vivid Laminating Systems LogoThe folks at Vivid recently told me that these days fully half of their inquiries for the Matrix Pneumatic machines have some interest in foiling. The reasons are simple, with no set-up or need for expensive dies, it’s a perfect solution for one off jobs or runs into the hundreds. The effects are being applied to wedding invitations, boutique packaging, business cards, book covers and more.

The printer controls the work and turn time because the job never leaves their shop, plus the cost is kept way down because there are no minimum charges and set-up fees.

It’s all very exciting, when we saw firsthand our customers respond to this capability at the GOA show where we displayed the technology. If you missed it, you can see a sampling below with the short video that shows foiling with a Vivid Pneumatic Matrix:

Foiling with a Vivid Pneumatic Matrix

And oh by the way, Vivid’s Matrix laminators are still great and easy to use for laminating film to paper!

Thank you ADG!

American Dealer Group Logo
A big thank you to the American Dealer Group for inviting us to their spring meeting where we presented the Renz and Vivid lines to the members. It was a well attended event at a first rate venue in Charleston, South Carolina.

As one would expect, the members are all professionals with a long history of supplying prepress, printing, and print-finishing solutions to the industry. ADG has adapted well to the ongoing changes brought on by digital printing and are a knowledgeable resource for all aspects of printing. You can learn more about the group at

The GOA was a great success!

Graphics-of-the-Americas-ExpoDataBind attended Graphics of the Americas (GOA) in Miami late February and it was great! We met a lot of wonderful people and were able to help many customers become more profitable with our solutions.

It was a great atmosphere and well attended with printers ready to do business. There were also many relationships started up with who we expect to be valuable future partners.

DataBind at Graphics of the Americas (GOA)

Machine of the Month

Renz Logo

Renz AP360

If you are hand punching three or more hours per day, the machine pays for itself!

Does your business struggle with tabs, small sizes, multiple changeovers where you are constantly having to remove punch pins? The Renz AP360 will eliminate your punching bottleneck.

Renz AP360

  • Punch Up to 100,000 sheets per hour
  • Runs collated sets with tabs
  • Punches sizes as small as 4″ x 3-3/8″
  • Easy to operate

See for yourself!
If you can’t visit us in Enfield, CT for a demo, we invite you to send us your “nightmare” punching job and we will send you a real time video of the job from set up to successful punching OR if you prefer we can do a live video demonstration.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Remeke Printing Logo

“Here at Remke Printing, we are proud to announce the new addition of the Vivid Matrix 530 Duplex. By having the laminator in-house, it has helped us keep up with fast turnaround time demands. It has had an immediate cost savings on the smaller runs by not having to pay outside laminators minimum invoices. It’s a highly productive machine that has high quality outputs. With the assistance of Scott Diamond from DataBind, training has been tremendous. He’s taught us different applications the machine is capable of that I wasn’t even aware of when I purchased it. I would highly recommend this laminator for it’s ease of use and the quality outcomes.”

Jim Heck

Remke Printing Inc.
Wheeling, IL

Call Us Today at 860.265.8151 or Contact Us.

Jonathan Gasperini
Vice President, North American Sales
DataBind Corporation

Product Highlights

RENZ Ring Wire Spools

  • Certified wire from the world’s largest wire producer
  • Formed on industry leading Bielomatik Formers
  • Guaranteed to run on your Automatic Machines

RENZ Premium Cut Wire Elements

  • Meets all specifications for certification
  • Large stock of standard sizes and colors
  • Custom cut to your specific needs
  • Bulk pack available

Plastic Coil

  • Made in USA
  • All standard and custom coil formed in house
  • Large stock of standard sizes
  • Custom cut to your specific needs
  • Bulk pack available

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What is “half Canadian” binding?
-Cheryl, Cincinnati, OH


It’s a style of Ring Wire binding where the wire is partially concealed behind a square spine. This gives a perfect binding effect and makes the book easily identifiable on the shelf, but it also retains the lay flat quality of wire binding. Because the wire only shows through on the back of the book, the front cover still has a clean look

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