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December 2015

From the Desk of Jon Gasperini

I’m going to date myself here,

but when I think of laminating, I am reminded of the old computer game from the eighties called Pitfall. In this game the adventurer starts down a path and uses ropes and luck to jump over all of the obstacles and hopefully reach the other end. Only to start it all over again!

Pitfall Computer GameIsn’t this most people’s experience with laminating? The “adventurer” or printer, starts down the path to finish a print job with laminating and in the process – through experience, trial and error and a good amount of luck hopes to come out the other side with a quality lamination. Only to do it all over again on the next job!

The only differences are that instead of tar pits, crocodiles and snakes, the obstacles are delamination, silvering, air bubbles, and cloudy finish. And unlike a video game where you can just reset your game and start over, failure in the real world of lamination costs money and time.

The engineers at Vivid have developed their laminators to minimize these pitfalls, and a simple phone call to our experts at DataBind can save you time, money, and aggravation. Pretty soon, when you think of laminating you will be reminded of another eighties video game called Tetris, as all of the pieces begin to fit together.

A Special Thank YouThank You on post-it note

to all of those who came to our Open House!

It was wonderful to see so many customers take the time. For those who could not make it here’s a few short clips of the machines we ran:

See Vivid Laminating and Calendar Binding with Renz

The True “Cost” of Quality

What is the true cost of a wire binding element? Not price but cost.

Take for an example a spool of 5/16″, 3:1 white binding wire. High quality certified wire may be 10-15% higher in price – but what is the cost?
Renz Ring Wire SpoolDowntime or lost production due to poorly formed wire, separation paper getting tangled, and saggy loosely wound spools, add an average of 16% to the spool cost. And the increased waste factor adds an additional 4%. When calculated against the spool price, the net cost for lower quality averages 5-10% more than high quality.

When you also consider other factors that are not as easily calculated, such as the look and functioning of the finished product, and your customer’s experience, it’s easy to understand the high “cost” of poor quality.

Renz understands this. That’s why Renz Ring Wire is formed with certified steel using precision wire forming machines. The technicians in Germany quality test every lot, using a proprietary digital comparator that measures 19 points of critical dimensions ensuring the highest quality in the world.

Many companies do not know what their wire quality costs are because they don’t measure them. The cliche, “what gets measured gets managed” is appropriately applied here. Don’t just listen to your machine operator’s complaints; take a few minutes to put the right metrics in place to see for yourself.

The true cost will surprise you.

Machine of the Month

Vivid MX-530 DP

Vivid MX-530 DP - Machine of the Month

• Up to 1,500 sheets laminated per hour

• No proprietary film required means huge savings on lamination costs

• Pneumatic rollers provide more pressure on digital work

• Patented Flatbook technology available for laminated lay-flat book covers

• Single or double sided lamination

• Laminates up to a 22″ wide sheet

What Our Customers Are Saying

The BindRite Dealer Network Logo

“As the executive director of a dealer network, The BindRite Dealers Association, I work with many vendors to set up national purchasing agreements and other relationships. I have always found the company, DataBind and the principals of the organization, to be most helpful, cooperative and responsive. They always seem to set the standard for professionalism and understanding of how to build strong and sustained rapport with our dealer members resulting in mutual business opportunities.”

Albert Boese

Executive Director
BindRite Dealers Association
218 E North Ave
Lake Bluff, IL 60044

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We look forward to hearing from you!


Jonathan Gasperini
Vice President, North American Sales
DataBind Corporation

Product Highlights

RENZ Ring Wire Spools

  • Formed with certified wire from the world’s largest wire producer
  • Formed on industry leading Bielomatik Formers
  • Guaranteed to run on your Automatic Machines

RENZ Premium Cut Wire Elements

  • Meets all specifications for certification
  • Custom cut to your specific needs
  • Bulk pack available

Plastic Coil

  • Made in USA
  • All standard and custom coil formed in house
  • Large stock of standard sizes
  • Custom cut to your specific needs
  • Bulk pack available

Ask the Expert


“I’m having a hard time getting a good bond when laminating digitally printed material, do you have any suggestions?”
-Luis G. Los Angeles, CA


First increase the temperature incrementally and then increase the roll pressure. You may also need to change your film to one with a more aggressive adhesive. For reference, a heated roller laminator is preferred over a heat shoe laminator.

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