“…if every person were in a face shield, the transmission of this virus
would go down.”
“…we would be able to open up society sooner because we’re able to use some other adjunctive means to social distancing to getting that transmissibility down.”
Michael B. Edmond,
MD, MPH, MPA, MBA, associate chief medical officer, chief quality officer, and clinical professor of infectious diseases,
University of Iowa Health Care
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Protective Face Shield
Premium Quality • Comfortable •
Replaceable Shield
Full Face Protection mouth/eyes/nose
  • More Comfortable with a thicker, soft forehead pad
  • Adjustable head band
  • Does not fog see detail easily
  • Protects Larger Portion of face
  • See Facial Expressions clearly for better communication
Replacement Shields
  • Available in packs of 10
  • Economical and easy to change
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We’re proud to help our customers stay safe and get back to work by offering quality and comfort with RENZ face shields you can count on!
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