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January 2017

From the Desk of Jon Gasperini

Inexpensive or Just Plain Cheap?

Does your round corner machine tear paper with heavy “knife” draw rather than properly cut the corners with a punching die?

Are you using cheap staplers that wear out or jam at exactly the wrong time, or one that is not versatile enough to handle the odd or unique applications or thick documents?

If you’re doing short to medium runs, especially in a digital environment, then you’ve probably experienced these frustrations with your small finishing devices and answered YES to the questions above.

It’s sometimes hard to calculate what the true cost of these cheap devices are and to remember why they are cheap.

I think back to a lesson I learned the hard way as a kid. I was changing the oil on my first car, a Ford EXP (I know wow!) and bought the cheapest ratchet set I could find at Kmart. Well I tugged and pushed on the oil plug with all of my might until wham! The socket split in half, cutting me badly and exposing a cheap “white” metal alloy with air pockets. What did that cost me? An injury, time, and a second set of tools. The next time however, I bought a quality set, and still have them today. What was the real true cost?

This is why Stago machines, made in Germany with German steel, represent quality that you can count on. Stago is the highest quality maker of round corner and stapling equipment.

Sometimes it’s good to remember why cheap products are so cheap!

Check out Stago quality for yourself!

STAGO HM 15 – automatic stapling machine


2017 is the Year of Automation!

At DataBind, 2017 will be the year of automation. Those fortunate enough to have visited Drupa last summer saw the new Renz Digisort and Feeder combination. This system automatically counts, combines, and then feeds variable book blocks onto a finishing device. Renz was demonstrating this system automatically feeding their well established, automatic ring-wire calendar binding line, the Renz IL500.

RENZ IL500 with DigiSort and Feeder

This system can also be adapted to a photo book line.

NEW for this year, Renz is automating system exits with the Renz InLine Logic Plus! This system is designed to stack and sort finished calendars and photo books into your predefined categories. The system reads a barcode on top of the product that has the customer information, number of products in the order, sequence of product (1 of x) etc., and then automatically moves the order to the correct belt using a 3-way diversion gate. Complete orders ready for shipping go down one belt, incomplete orders another, and orders that are to ship in combination with another product a third. This system also comes prepared for expansion with additional diversion gates and conveyors possible.

To learn more about these automated systems, stop by and visit Renz at innovationdays 2017 or simply give us a call!

From February 20 to 23, 2017, the Hunkeler Innovationdays will be held for the 12th time at the Messe Lucerne exhibition facility.

CreaseStream Logo

CreaseStream Mini Quick-feed

World’s first and only rotary creasing technology.

All CreaseStream Mini machines feature the world's first and only rotary creasing technology - developed by printers for printers.
CreaseStream’s new revolutionary die design with soft creasing ribs gently stretch the material to create deep defined creases without damaging fibers in the stock. And the innovative feeding technology allows for a 6x faster output than straight bar creasing.

CreaseStream Creaser

Up to 3,000 sheets per hour
Run up to 4 creases or 3 micro-perfs in 1 pass
Set up and change in seconds to Tri-fold, Z-fold, or Gate-fold
Sheet separator for continuous feeding
No vacuum pump and no noise
Simple-to-turn rotary handle
No electrical input required
Low environmental impact

What Our Customers Are Saying

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“Finding DataBind was a life saver when it comes to buying a Stago stapler! The last time I bought one it took calls to 5 or more people before I could find an authorized supplier and even then they did not have them in stock. I called Jon at DataBind and it went out the same day no problem, plus he followed up to make sure all was well!”

Chris Posey

One-Step, Inc.
Davenport, IA

Call Us Today at 860.265.8151 or Contact Us.

Jonathan Gasperini
Vice President, North American Sales
DataBind Corporation

DataBind - Ask the Expert


I am getting oval shaped wire on my closing machine, what can I do to make it round?

– Simon G., Denver, CO


Try putting a strip of emery tape on the fixed rail of your straight bar closer, just remember to adjust the close to compensate for the thickness of the tape. It could also be the wire you are using, the “hinge” on some cheap wire is not formed so precisely, resulting in an oval or oblong shaped finish. In this case a premium grade wire will correct the problem.

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