RevoT14 Full Auto Encapsulation Laminator

Revo Office Automatic Encapsulation Laminator

DataBind Punching, Binding, & Laminating Systems

Paper Punching Machines & Supplies

Punching Systems

Punching Machines & Dies

The right punching system for any application. From electric tabletop punching machines to fully automated heavy-duty perforating and punching machines. High-quality punching dies for highest standards are available for all current types of perforating and punching.

Wire Binding Machines & Supplies

Wire Binding Systems

Wire Binding Machines & Supplies

The elegant and durable RENZ RING WIRE® binding system for book and calendar binding. Pages lay exactly one upon the other and can turn a full 360 degrees. Pages cannot be taken out of the binding afterward without damaging the binding or the paper. From manual combined office machines to fully automatic production systems for the paper processing industry.

Plastic Comb Binding Machines & Supplies

Plastic Comb Binding Systems

Plastic Comb Binding Machines & Supplies

The universal and versatile binding system for proposals, agendas, company reports, financial statements, operating instructions, leaflets, bookbinding and many more. Pages turn easily and lay flat when open, a 270° rotation is possible. Pages may be added or removed without damage to document. This binding system is suitable for documents up to 2″ thick. The binding combs are made of a flexible PVC material.

Spiral Binding Machines & Supplies

Spiral Binding Systems

Spiral Coil Binding Machines & Supplies

Spiral binding is the traditional way to bind loose leaves. Robust and versatile, opens flat and stays flat, 360° rotation. Book thicknesses of up to 50 mm are possible.

Laminating Machines & Supplies

Laminating Systems

Laminating Machines & Supplies

Suitable for all types of encapsulation/lamination to protect those important items: photos, cards, posters, menus, documents and a lot more…

Paper Processing Machines & Supplies

Paper Processing Systems

Paper Finishing Machines & Supplies

Paper finishing machines and supplies including stapling, round cornering, paper joggers and folding machines.

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DataBind is Helping America Get Back to Work Safely!

Taking Orders NOW! As American businesses are reopening, the need and demand for high quality, economical face shields will increase. Help keep your customers safe by offering them RENZ face shields to your customers and make a profit too!

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QuickCuts News
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In-plant Graphics Article: “Databind, Lami Corp. Revolutionize Lamination”

“There was a new positive and exciting energy in the air when people saw the Revo-Office and Revo-T14 automatic laminators in action at PRINT 18” -- Jon Gasperini, Vice President, North American Sales
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Printing Impressions Article: DataBind Named Exclusive North American Distributor for Lami Automatic Laminators

"DataBind, in partnership with Lami Corporation of Japan, has brought the company’s fully automatic laminators to the U.S. marketplace and positioned the line as a profitable and time-saving alternative to pouch-fed lamination for office and print professionals."
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PostPress Article: Equipment Highlight - Mechanical Binding

Mechanical binding remains a popular choice because the process allows bound documents to open and stay flat. Suppliers now are offering automated, inline solutions to their customers to increase efficiency.

The article is on page 56. Link directly to the page here.

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